Welcome to Lingr: St. Petersburg’s Newest Upscale-Casual Eatery and Bar

13 April 2021

Welcome to Lingr: St. Petersburg’s Newest Upscale-Casual Eatery and Bar

Between China and Norway lies over 4000 miles and an incredibly vast difference in lifestyle, tradition, and food. Chef Jeffrey Jew, alumnus of Bravo's Top Chef and a winner of Food Network's Guy's Grocery Games, has decided to bridge that expanse and fuse together the flavors of his Scandinavian and Asian heritages in his new restaurant, Lingr. Chef Jew, known recently to locals as Executive Chef at BellaBrava and Stillwaters Tavern, both of 2B Hospitality, is setting out on his first solo venture and combining his love of the area, heritage, and years of culinary experience to create a Nordic and Asian-inspired upscale casual eatery and bar where ‘to linger’ will become a part of the culture as well.

Lingr is a place to discover new interests, explore new cultures, and make new friends. Located in the Downtown South University Park area of St. Petersburg, Florida, at 400 6th Street South, our upscale-casual eatery and bar allows residents and visitors to enjoy fresh Gulf Coast seafood, hand-selected ingredients from local markets, and refreshing craft cocktails.

Our exterior’s modern architecture was designed to complement the neighborhood’s eclectic flair and the affluent coastal scene just blocks away. Once inside, relax amongst clean lines, incredible millwork, inclusions of greenery, and the soothing color palette of the thoughtfully designed interior.

Experience delectable dinner offerings that will delight and keep you returning. Whether you are looking for some lighter fare or celebrating a milestone with a four-course dinner, Lingr beckons with its professional staff, contemporary décor, and innovative dishes such as Chef Jew’s hot and sour style fish soup. This delicacy is made with local fish and is the ultimate comfort food, warm and flavorful. It is served with delicious scallion pancakes which Chef Jew grew up eating with his family in Dim sum, a traditional Chinese breakfast or lunch which evolved into yum cha (brunch) or “drink tea meals.” These flour wedges are also a nod to similar potato pancakes in Norway called lefse. Simple, delicious, and filling, they are a wonderful example of the cultural blend that inspired Chef Jew’s journey and just one taste of what you will experience at Lingr. Lingr offers something for everyone. The cuisine, designed by our award-winning chef, is made in-house with sustainable and locally sourced ingredients and harmonized with craft cocktails, and an extensive wine selection.

We invite you to Lingr.

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